talking and training

Crowdsourcing Wisdom’s author, Della Rucker, has given speeches and taught workshops all over the country.  These include her very popular “Managing Axe Grinders and Other Bad Behavior” workshop, which has been delivered to local and national audiences.

In this session, Della walks participants through her “Rules for Effective Public Engagement,” found in the last chapter of Crowdsourcing Wisdom.  She then takes everyone through a role-modelling scenario where you get to be the troublemaker for a change!  Della then holds a mock public meeting with the whole group and gives everyone a chance to examine how to keep constructuve control of the situation!

The second half of the workshop introduces participants to small group cooperative strategies, and then a re-play of the public meeting using those tactics demonstrates how they head off problems before they have to be managed.

Are you looking for a fast-past, energetic and fun workshop that gives your people new skills while blowing off a little steam?  Let us know at!

If you need a more conventional presentation or plenary, you can check out video of a variety of Della Rucker’s presentations for the Wise Economy Workshop here.


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